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    If youre up for the challenge, you can find one in the forest grove of North Akkala Valley, about midway between the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and the summit of Death Mountain. With the Furnace back online, the Labs robot will happily sell you powerful, Ancient weapons and armor in exchange for rupees and Ancient parts. The master sword, trident, and shield run out of power not break stupid. If you destroy all instances of these weapons, you will never be able to acquire them again. Gifted as a reward for accomplishing something. Its unique shape is designed with mid-battle flight in mind to facilitate aerial combat. Daybreaker had good durability and 48 parry power. Use ice blocks to reach it and switch to Magnesis to lift it out and onto solid ground. The nearest way point is the Woodland Tower, northeast of Hyrule Castle. Check out some of the other guides the Random Respawn Crew has put together below: GUIDE: Fastest Dragon Horn Farming - 3 PER MINUTE - (54,000 Rupees/Hour), GUIDE: Arrow Farming 2.0 - (POST PATCH 1.1.2! keep hitting it and keep stasis-ing & hitting 2.1M views 5 years ago The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Hold On to These Weapons! Breath of the Wild is enormous, so this list is far from comprehensive. Sony revealed the games coming to PlayStation Plus Premium and PlayStation Plus Extra this month on February 21, and it's the best month that the service has had since it launched in the summer of 2022. Another one is the Schmitar of the Seven along with the Daybreaker after beating Vah Naboris, and the Falcon Bow you get after beating Vah Medoh, trying to fix my day breaker cant find the gerudo sheild to make a new one can some one help me find one, you can find a gerudo sheild at a camp close to the kara kara bazaar. 2023 GAMESPOT, A FANDOM COMPANY. The Kite Shield is also obtainable in a chest. This shield cannot be rewarded more than once for getting the correct time in Selmie's Shield Surfing Mini-game. (Shoda Sah Shrine for Fast Travel), In the Elma Knolls, North of Hyrule Castle. We need to create a folder to store the mod in for Cemu. OMG, I should have read the comments first before trying to get the Unbreakable Trident. (ALL WEAPONS THAT DO NOT RESPAWN)All weapons that once broken, can never be re-acquired in Breath of the Wild. Its powerful, it has emotional value for returning players, and it never breaks. It looks like you're trying to mention another user, which only works if it's done in the comments like this (otherwise they don't receive a notification): I'm a bot. How do you complete it? There are many weapons in BOTW that come from ancient civilizations or vibrant cultures, and the Soup Ladle is not one of them. At this point, youll need your own torch to proceed. The best weapons in BOTW, and where to find them By Will Fulton and Jon Bitner March 16, 2021 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most critically-acclaimed Zelda titles to hit. Recoverable from a defeated enemy 3. ), GUIDE: Ultimate Cooking - All "Boost" Recipes (Attack/Defense/Stealth/Speed) - High Level Potency - 30 Min. But anyway the point of this is info for people trying to collect every weapon (e.g. If you didn't please do it anyway. Make sure not to use it in excess, as youll need to hold off for a brief period of time so it can cool off. It's in a treasure chest near the end that can be accessed with the updrafts. Description: Koroks made this sword for Hylians. (Shai Utoh Shrine for Fast Travel), In a treasure chest near the Hyrule Garrison Ruins. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks. One angle that deserves more attention regarding these nonrespawnable weapons is that even if you don't care about collecting these weapons, if you do care about completing the Hyrule compendium with your own photography, you have to make sure to photograph these items while they're available. Where to find the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Sword, Hyrule Shield, and other high-durability weapons. Pick up the torch on the ground and light it. There may be two Shrines that reward you this shield, but currently do not have the Shrine names or locations. (Shada Naw Shrine for Fast Travel), In a treasure chest in one of the skulls found in the N. Tabantha Snowfield. Follow the corridor around to the right and you'll see a very suspicious-looking pile of bones in the cell beyond. There's a cave full of Gerudo equipment., Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportAd. Ok so actually Alexis before you call anyone stupid the only thing that runs out of energy is the Master Sword. They're not on his map but they are in the data. The Master Sword is unbreakable, but runs out of charge if used on non-Calamity enemies and takes 10 minutes before it can be used again. (maxed and basically empty). Check out some of the other guides the Random Respawn Crew has put together below: GUIDE: Fastest Dragon Horn Farming - 3 PER MINUTE - (54,000 Rupees/Hour), GUIDE: Arrow Farming 2.0 - (POST PATCH 1.1.2! Help:Adding items. But the way it's been implemented, at least early on in the game, is a nightmare. Take care of yourself. Thankfully, collecting the required amount is easy enough, obtained by completing shrines for Spirit Orbs and defeating the Divine Beasts. However, know that you can only do this if you win three newly-built levels. Well, haven't gotten the kite shield yet so I'll keep that in mind. Make sure the file is named Weapon_Sword_111. Keep in mind that weapons taken from defeated enemies or that spawn out in the world will respawn during the periodic Blood Moon events, but anything found in a chest is only available there once. Every time after that you only "rent" the sword for a cost of 20 Rupees. You have to give him a Zora spear flint and a diamond for him to make you one, You cant but if u break it you can fix it for the prize of a diamond five wood and a zora spear. Rather, its a selection of some of the coolest, toughest weapons that weve found in each category, plus where you can locate them. Oninaki (PS4) Duration - (WITH EASILY FARMABLE INGREDIENTS! Lynels, however, can swing it effectively with a single hand. one of the Lizalfos carries one (As shown in the map below) ; Note: Haven't included intentionally any spoilers . there is youtube videoes telling where to find some of them. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. EDIT: You can take a picture for the Compendium at the trial anytime though. Map of good re-spawning weapon locations. Those guardians in shrines respawn and You can find those chest weapons in the overworld. After you beat Ganon, you unlock the ability to buy photos of anything missing in your compendium. Also, if you try to spawn too many objects of a certain type (MrBean tries it with pigeons) Breath of the Wild will automatically trigger a Blood Moon to reset the world, rather than having the. Earth Defense Force 5 (PS4) (Maag Halan Shrine for Fast Travel), Given as a reward for the Test of Wood in the Korok Forest. IT'S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE, TAKE THIS. I found the eightfold longblade on a lizalfos outside of a shrine in Laranyu. Take your time, keep your cool, and you it'll be dead before you know it. They are always loaded, whether the object exists in the world . I think there's one in Korork Forest near the Deku Tree. (Ishto Soh Shrine for Fast Travel), Directly West of the Seres Scablands in Hyrule Ridge. The Kite Shield is rumoured (not fully proven afaik) to have a shield surfing speed bonus. Search "-- Weapon" in Mr. Cheeze's Object Map, and it will show you all weapons on the ground that respawn with the Blood Moon. Youll need a diamond and talk to the blacksmith. Its an indestructible shield thats been passed down the Hyrulean royal family. The only blue lynel that I know of is in the house at hyrule castle, but those lynels dont drop weapons. Players can find it after taking down a silver-maned Lynel, which is one of the deadliest enemies in Breath of the Wild. During certain nights, Calamity Ganon's power reaches its peak, allowing his evil magic, or Malice . Description: Koroks made this sword for Hylians. Yeah. (Kaam Ya'Tak Shrine for Fast Travel), In a treasure chest near Mido Swap. Its durability wanes with use, but after a few minutes recharging in your inventory, it's good to go again. Description: The crescent-shaped spearhead of this Lynel-made weapon gives it poor balance, making it difficult to wield. Theres only a handful of them, and youll have to work hard to get them. To find your way, follow the windblown embers of the torches. I found one of the bows earlier, but can't recall where I found it for the life of me just that I forgot to unequipt it when I was on death mountain Hyrule castle has a blue and a white lynel. Lightscale Trident is 22 damage and a 5-hit combo for spears, so 110 damage and long range. It's not the only PS4 and PS5 title coming to the service this month either, as the following strong lineup of games was also confirmed to be coming on February 21. Description: The crescent-shaped spearhead of this Lynel-made weapon gives it poor balance, making it difficult to wield. This means this is also another opportunity for an item to any be acquired a limited amount of times.NON RESPAWNING WEAPONS:1. Not only are some great PS1 classics like The Legend of Dragoon and Wild Arms 2 coming to the service, but Horizon Forbbiden Westis getting added as well. This thread is only intended for daily-respawn gear; not chest gear, Amiibo gear, or quest rewards. Obtained as a reward for getting the worst time (2:15 should be fine) in Selmie's Shield Surfing Mini-game near the Hebra East Summit. Close Switch Toolbox. All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by GNUB D.O.O. Liberating, even, as you can run around grabbing any old lance, sword, boomerang or club you find and just use them. Another one is the Boulder breaker. Keep reading for the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Sword location, as well as information on the Hylian Shield, Ceremonial Trident, and Lightscale Trident. Weapon -> Material/Weapon stat editing Material -> Weapon/Material Armor -> Armor (No exceptions, just spawn armor with inf amiibo (or buy it with rupee code) then edit) [Side note, you can change arrows into armor and shoot it out in the T pose but you cannot pick it up] . The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild -Hold On to These Weapons! fixed) or not. From the ruin at the woods' entrance, follow the path of torches until they appear to end, then head west to find a pair of torches next to a large tree with a chest inside. so i just edited the stats to even it out with high end weapons, I use my weapons as specifics, like this is my general use sword. It's made of wood, so it isn't the best choice for head-on attacks. Atop a hill in the northeast corner of Hyrule in the Akkala region, the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is the most consistent source of top-tier weapons in the game, but theyre far from cheap. It may be more accurate to call it a lump of metal than a weapon, but if wielded by a Lynel, it can pound you into a fine dust. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Visit Us 4201 Wilson Blvd, Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22203 glentunnel to christchurch FREE QUOTE. That's a scary thought for all the completionists/collectors out there. What do the other two lynel crushers look like? PSA: Hold On To These Weapons! I'm mostly thinking the elemental rods/spears/swords but other stuff could be helpful too. This means this is also another opportunity for an item to any be acquired a limited amount of times. THIS THREAD CONTAINS WEAPONS FROM VARIOUS, IF NOT ALL AREAS OF THE GAME. limited (non-respawning) Weapons confirmed Looking through u/mrcheeze 's datamined files seems to confirm the Kite Shield and Forest Dweller's Sword can only be found in a couple of non-respawning chests, after the first ones you get. Hours wasted. If you are not receiving newsletters, please check your spam folder. (Hebra Tower for Fast Travel). at least I got some guts and horns out of the deal. Heres how it works. That means, there is a small window for any item only acquirable through treasure chests and rewards to only be acquired a limited number of times. The Master Sword can break but will exceptionally return to Link's inventory . Many items found in Hyrule (particularly the ones that are acquired by simply picking them up) are set to respawn after a certain span of in-game time (the general opinion is one in-game day without waiting/sleeping, but I will update if/when this is confirmed). Its original intent was likely clearing vines to forge paths through forests. You can buy it as many times as you want, there is even a glitch where you can get multiple at a time! The Hylian shield is extremely durable, but can break. From Gerudo Tower fly to the northwest, there's a cylinder shape rock on to of a large plain mountaint top. (Zuna Kai Shrine for Fast Travel). Its durability wanes with use, but after a few minutes recharging in your inventory, it's good to go again. Too. Required fields are marked *. (Keo Ruug Shrine for Fast Travel). Lynels, however, can swing it effectively with a single hand. 4. (Zuna Kai Shrine for Fast Travel). House furniture? Youll eventually reach a tree that looks a little creepy and two torches. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. You dont actually have to kill the Lynel. This is a reminder that you are loved. GUIDE: How to Hold 11 Fairies at Once (MAX FAIRY FARMING). 5. So you could have two at once. Is there any reason to pick up the Wii U version if you already have the Switch. In addition to top tier stats, these weapons stand out because, while they dobreak, you can always get them re-forged for a price afterwards. From the Woodland Tower, northeast of Hyrule Castle, simply climb on top of the stone mass blocking its northern face and youll find it stuck in a cleft. Can anyone confirm how many times you can get it back? Lasted me some time now.. Is that the Daybreaker? Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). Are there Lynels that are always a level above red, even in the early game? Are Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer servers down currently? You can get it after you beat the Stalnox boss in Hyrule Castle Underground. The Hylian shield, unfortunately does break. The Master Sword is unique in that it's the only unbreakable weapon in the game. By repair he means after they are broken. Lots of false information on the internet nowadays. Destroy All Humans! So that'd be. If broken, you can get the cobble crusher in Goron City laying upwards against the outside entrance of a Hut, (right of the Chiefs hut,) besides a small a pool of lava. Shabana was born looking like a girl wearing a Pikachu hoodie, so when such things became popular, she fitted right in. Lynel Crusher4. I'm maybe not as extreme as some min/maxers (for instance, I don't really care what way I get the Warm Doublet as long as I get it) but I am planning on getting the in-game 100% notification as well as all chests, 'getting' every item at least once (don't have to keep them obviously due to limited inventory), upgrading everything to max, and other stuff I can . I got some wacky weapons like blizzard rod (not ice, but better), royal 2xbow/claymore/2xbroadsword/halberd, royal guard claymore/spear.. then I also have some special characteristic weapons like Critical Up this and Durability Up that. He'll try to throw his various appendages at you, but they're easily avoided. Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker both come from Urbosa. I also have a 32x5 bow. GUIDE: Guardian Weapon / Shield / Part Farming - (All Test of Strength Shrines), GUIDE: How to Hold 11 Fairies at Once (MAX FAIRY FARMING). Any item that an enemy drops once killed will also respawn every blood moon, since all enemies respawn every blood moon. This thread is only intended for daily-respawn gear; not chest gear, Amiibo gear . Not ones found in chests, but the ones that are either just out in the open, or there's an enemy there that always has it. The Cerimonial Trident is in the water, while the lightinal Trident you get after defeating the The Elephant. , but that number automatically doubles when you face the final boss, Calamity Ganon. There are a lot of words (and stuff) there, so he's terribly busy. Likethe other Savage Lynel weapons, this bow drops periodically from Silver-Maned and White Lynels , includingone that can be found in the Coliseum Ruins just north of the Great Plateau. Forest dwellers sword is also available in the Shora Hah Shrine located northwest of death mountian. This is a thread for everyone to share their favorite gear, and where they found it. Any item that an enemy drops once killed will also respawn every blood moon, since all enemies respawn every blood moon. Nope, I just double checked this. Can you beat Calamity Ganon without a shield without the divine beast powers. The Thunderblade is a single-handed weapon in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . (The despawn is triggered by the gates opening). Shoot its eye and follow up with a sound thrashing. untrue the great eagle bow requires 5 wood not 5 flint but other than that you are correct but there are other ways to repair weapons such as rock octocs (the ones that sit under a rock and when you get in range start sucking in air if you put down a rusty weapon you could get a travelers spear a soldiers spear a knights halberd a royal halberd or a royal guards halberd for a rusty halberd. It's worth finding the sword as it does double damage against Ganon and his minions. Yea I have some weapons that I prefer to use over many others, such as the "goddess sword" that skyward sword, sword. Had no idea the forest dwellers sheild don't have a consisnt spawn point, next time i find one it's staying at the house. What do the numbers in the inventory for clothes and weapons mean? How do you solve the veiled falls quest when obtaining the trident? There may be two Shrines that reward you this shield, but currently do not have the Shrine names or locations. Warning: dont stray too far from the beaten path, or youll get swept up in the mist, and sent back to the beginning. Be sure to light stone torches along the way to avoid too much backtracking if you lose the flame along the way. It's a fantastic time to be a gamer when it comes to platform choice, there have never been more options available. ), and use a spoiler tag if necessary, although this thread is only intended to reveal accessible gear, not story-based revelations. Two things I've heard of influencing this -. Ancient Arrows are particularly noteworthy as the best tech for handling Guardians one Ancient Arrow in the eye will generally do them in. The items listed below were identified using /u/mrcheeze's datamining stuff for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, found here: LINK. Interesting that it's only these two -- seems more like an oversight than intentional *The only other weapons you can sort of run out of are Regular and Mighty Lynel spears and crushers -- as you progress through the game, all Lynels (except two who carry swords) level up and end up with only Savage Lynel gear. The Master Sword, even fully powered up, only has 40 Durability, except the fully upgraded master sword only decreases by decimals instead. The best weapon to use in BOTW depends on your situation, but here's a well rounded arsenal: Savage Lynel Sword The most powerful single-handed sword can be obtained from silver or white-maned Lynels that inhabit Akkala Wilds, Lanayru Road East Gate, Gerudo Summit, and North Tabantha Snowfield. GUIDE: Fastest Wood Farming - 100 Wood in 10 minutes - Be a lumberjack! it is the radiant it is hidden in a cave near the gerodo tower along with a moonlight scimater a golden bow a gerodo spear and a edge of dualty. it till it dies Duration - (WITH EASILY FARMABLE INGREDIENTS! Forest Dweller's Sword3. In past Zelda games, Link would acquire a wide variety of special tools, such as boomerangs and hook shots, but would only use a handful of swords over the course of any given adventure. You can get diamonds in Zora's Domain by bringing Ledo - the guy tapping away at a pillar near the shrine - 10 luminous stones. . Certain enemy camps always respawn with one dude wielding a special weapon. i use my master sword for every battle even against freaking chuchus and octoroks i play this game basically everyday and it takes like 3 days to break. Check Server Status & Current Outage, PS Plus not Working, Unable to Connect to PlayStation Network, Fortnite Redeem Codes March 2023, Free V-Bucks & Skins, Destiny 2 Lightfall Trials Engrams Not Working, Adopt Me Southeast Asia Egg, New Pets 2023, Sniper Elite 4 Errors & Problems How to Solve Them, PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update APK Download For Android Devices. Mighty Lynel Crusher6. The Hylian Shield isn't technically unbreakable, but it does have a very high durability of 800. Sword of happening is in an early shrine so you think its one of a kind. It does need recharging after some use, though. (Rin Oyaa Shrine for Fast Travel), In a treasure chest found near the Hebra Plunge. It's worth noting that you'll need You'll need at least 13 hearts to yank it free. (ALL WEAPONS THAT DO NOT RESPAWN). Also, each Lynel spawn point consistently spawns the same type of weapon. I have played and completed many times and you cannot combine the ceremonial and litescale tridents, 21:30PM Hylian shield as broken. Two methods are provided. In a treasure chest under the bridge near Lake Floria. (Kaam Ya'Tak Shrine for Fast Travel), In a treasure chest near Mido Swap. 1 The Master Sword: No Duh It's At The Top. Check out our weekly gaming podcast on iTunes, you know, if you're into that kind of thing. In the Oseira Plains in the South Western portion of the Faron Grasslands. The Ceremonial Trident is essentially a counterfeit Lightscale Trident, but can be reforged by Dento in Zora's Domain, which is also where you'll find it. Gerudo champion had a sword and shield, also quite decent for atk power. ), GUIDE: Ultimate Cooking - All "Boost" Recipes (Attack/Defense/Stealth/Speed) - High Level potency - 30 Min. When it breaks, it can not be repaired, but you can buy a new one from a secret vendor Grante. For those times when you need something a bit more high-end, however, weve compiled a list of the best weapons you can find. doesn't work for me even after blood moon, I think mighty lynel swords/shields/bows are also unobtainable once you've got silvers spawning. Bleep. You only need to collect 20 arrows from the area. I think every single weapon can be found again from re-spawning locations. Only the first try lets you keep the set, after that they're "only rentals" (and you get charged 20 rupees for the privilege!). The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an enormous open-world game on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. Game collection: Not all Ancient weapons are created equal, though, and there are two sources for finding the most powerful ones. You didnt mention the mighty lynel bow? You must take into account how many hits they each do in a combo. Home Zelda Breath of Wild Zelda Breath of The Wild Unbreakable Weapon Locations. A wodden sword and a shield specifically for surfing are awesome. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Best graphics cards 2023: finding the best GPU for gaming, Metroid Prime 4: Release date prediction, trailers, gameplay, and more, The best upcoming Nintendo Switch games: 2023 and beyond, Best PlayStation Plus Deals: Save on Essential, Plus and Premium. They never break, and can be used forever. * Lynel's will level up as you progress through the game, meaning the lower level Lynels will NOT respawn every blood moon. Well I got the 2 tridents, and the blacksmith doesnt tell you he can combine them. 4 no i definitely messed up the list, He lied then the Master sword doesnt break. Your email address will not be published. You'll have to clear Divine Beast Vah Ruta to get it. While it's still not adding first-party titles on day one like Xbox Game Pass does, this is possibly our first indication of how Sony will handle adding its own games to the subscription. The Quarry (PS4, PS5) Advertisements Yes they respawn at blood moon. correct. that really pissed me off the first time I fought them. 3 all of the champion weapons can be repaired, the only non-champion weapon that can be repaired is the ceremonial trident Especially if you need something. if you don't have that many heart containers it will be gold "temp . (Monya Toma Shrine for Fast Travel), Near the Akkala Wilds, in the North Eastern part of the Akkala Region. Only want to play the shrines- any advice? Great Eagle Bow is a three-shot bow of 28 a shot, so you have the spreadshot effect, and if all three arrows hit the target, that amounts to 84 damage, not including headshots. They let you keep the weapons. As anticipation reaches a new high, we've dug up all the information there is about our next adventure in Hyrule. Once you're strong enough, you can farm Major Test of Strength shrines pretty easily for Guardian++ weapons. These Breath of the Wild high-durability weapons are essential equipment for Link, particularly once you begin to push up against Hyrule Castle towards the end game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Save the file and hit yes. Each glitch will come with instructions on what the glitch does, how to perform the glitch, and if the glitch has been patched (i.e. The shield I found randomly lying on the ground to the west of Hateno, near that cul de sac with all the archery targets. You can either google "large dash" and copy-paste that, or you can search "weapon" in the Object Map, and you should see some large dashes you can copy-paste. Well I've always said, there's nothing an agnostic can't do if he really doesn't know whether he believes in anything or not. Every time after that you only "rent" the sword for a cost of 20 Rupees. It's. If you need the precise location and help with beating the boss, we have a detailed Hylian Shield location guide as well. During a Blood Moon every monster respawns, and weapons also respawn. I Am Setsuna (PS4) If you have questions about other gear, they are welcome, but not encouraged initially as they can be found on other threads. costs 3000 rupees to buy!!! If u want a lynel bow or weapon, stasis it Apparently if you save and reload during the gatehouse battles, then they will drop their weapons on death. You dont actually need to fight the lynel, just collect the shock arrows in the area. You can use Magnesis to drop dented metal crates from high in the air . A few areas over plunged into. The best weve found are two Major Tests at theTena KoSah Shrine (on a plateau covered in ancient columns, due south of the Tabantha Tower) and theChaas Queta Shrine (on Necluda Island off the southeast corner of the map in the middle of the Necluda Sea, which incidentally also awards the shirt of the climbing set). They wont let up even after youve defeated their boss, Master Kohga, back at their HQ in the Gerudo Desert. And that's about as close as you're going to get to unbreakable weapons, so make the most of these small loopholes and enjoy! Any armour, weapons, and shields you've acquired, and lost or broken will appear in the inventory of Grante in Tarrey Town, but they're very expensive and you'll need to do a bunch of quests to unlock his services. Does that site work in iOS Safari? This guide and walkthrough will show you everything you need to know from the locations and. Can someone remind me what kind of crusher Silver Lynels carry? Let me know if I missed any weapons or you have found ways to re-acquire any of the items listed above. They will attract Lightning during Thunderstorms and conduct Electricity, and they can be manipulated through the Magnesis Rune . When youve broken them, look for Dento, the old blacksmith in the lower area of Zoras Domain. Rewards in two other shrines: Jitan Sa'mi Shrine and Namika Ozz shrine. There are five ways you can acquire weapons in this game: Gifted as a reward for accomplishing something. Lynels are really easy killed 7 yesterday, 1 you said unbreakable but the only unbreakable weapons are the master sword and the bow of light P.S. The exact respawn/revival policy is specific to each actor. Scarlet Nexus (PS4, PS5) Again, the only way to get it is is to take downa Silver-maned Lynel. Bows are brought up when holding the [R] shoulder button. So the red Lynel near Zora's Domain will only ever drop the sword and shield.

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