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    Our instructors are highly experienced IFR veterans with average flight time of 10,000 hours each and 5000 hours of dual given. We also teachCurrency Courses and other special courses. Youll get individualized training for your training investment while you gain real confidence working the IFR system with typical GA routes. Dont miss the opportunity to train with him! This is a state-of-the-art digital simulator. Any recommendations on who to go through for accelerated instrument training. To begin training for your Instrument Rating, you must hold a current PPL and current medical. Poor maintenance- Countless thousands. Typical completion times are: Private/14 Days . What our students, associates and friends in the industry are saying! Flight Instructor Initial Training. Need a six seater? Without having to leave home. Frankfort, Kentucky: Cessna 172 Train with IFR and Become a Professional Aviator! Some of my . Or go to the Contact Us page. Our training programs include: 11 Day IFR Double Eagle Aviation has set a new standard in accelerated flight training with the 11 Day Instrument Course. Get started today! The development of aviation skills in a young persons life can prepare them for an exciting career in aviation. Many of our customers opt for two 5-day sessions with a weekend break in between. Jamie provided great real world instruction and has opened a whole new side of life to me. If you complete your course in less days than quoted, you are not charged for days not utilized. Most pilots will finish-up in 3 to 7 days. Cessna FlyerMagazine Sure and Safe: Steve Allen and His Cessna 195. Arizona Aerotech has set a new standard in accelerated flight training with the 11 Day Instrument Course. Single Engine plane for your check ride. As part of the training, youll have the benefit of getting mountain flying experience, and learn real-world instrument flying while flying cross country in the western US. We train all levels of pilot certification from Student Pilot through Airline Transport Pilot (ATP). Since there are no gaps in the training there is no time wasted trying to figure out what did we do last time?. Time always flies faster than an airplane. We train more instrument pilots than anyone else. Texas Flight offers a wide variety of aircraft for rent that are difficult to find. He brings with him an FAA-approved simulator and a copy of our proven training curriculum. Portable simulators can be useful for practice, but not for actual Instrument. Our students are trained initially on Garmin standard six pack and then finish on dual glass PFD's and a Garmin 175 GPS. Evidence of citizenship: US passport or birth certificate with government issued picture id. The course is an organized combination of ground school, simulator work (the instructor brings one with him) and flight training in the airplane you normally fly. Here are some of the subject areas included: Professional Instrument Courses is the expert when it comes to accelerated instrument flight training. At the end of the course, youll be well-prepared for the oral and flight exams. You can learn the material in just ten days because its well organized and youll have a professional instructor. Open in Google Maps View Start Date Calendar. ($5,100 payment minus deposit plus tax due on arrival) Local FAA examiner's fee is extra ($900-$1150 check or cash). Our accelerated instrument course can be completed in as little as 1-weeks. of training per day 4-5 hrs of in-flight training per day 3-4 hrs of one-on-one classroom training with your certified flight instructor per day Jeppesen Pilot Training System Pilot Syllabus FAR/AIM Manual Train to Optimum Proficiency. When I got back home, I had to shoot the GPS approach that has a DH of 480 luckily as I was getting ready to hit the GA button, the runway magically appeared in front of me at 500. Meet our newest, fully automated sample preparation system, providing sample extraction, in-cell cleanup and evaporation in a single, integrated operation. You will be trained in all the latest avionics, GPS, HIS, MFD, Glass Panel, etc. We use a FAA-approved, full-motion Redbird FMX AATD, providing intensive training in every phase of your instrument skills, then move to the airplane, where Wed love to talk to you about your specific challenges. Yes No Is it Glass or Analog? We can do it! You learn faster and retain more of what you learn. I GREATLY appreciated his flexibility as well. Instructor Revalidation. 530 W Deer Valley Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027. At Fly Accelerated you can complete your training in as little as ten days or we can break it up into multiple blocks. Top notch. You really have a professional operation going there. 5 Day IFR Finish-Up Private Pilot - $395. We believe there is no substitute for actual. . Aeronautical Experience I learned to fly after I completed my enlistment where I became a commercial pilot/ flight instructor and have loved my job ever since. We started in 2008 as a family-owned and operated flight school geared towards personalized training tailored to fit the individual student, and we have maintained that family-oriented sensibility. Lots of IFR too. Our Instrument rating course and flight training focuses on single pilot operations and scenario based training with opportunities to experience, in training, real IFR flying from the very beginning., Train the way you Fly - Fly the way you train. pass the written. This fast track program requires the written test completed before the program start date. CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION! Train at Addison Airport (KADS) one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country Your training is fast-paced and more comprehensive, Successfully complete the FAA written test, 3rd class (or higher) FAA medical certificate. Some AFIT Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training students start their training elsewhere, but never finish. TRAINING DESIGNED FOR YOU Choosing the right program for your instrument training is a crucial decision. IFROne of aviations top instructor staffs! Rod Machado, CEO, Rod Machado's Aviation Learning Center. IFR Training Within 7-10 days Our IFR program is geared for the busy pilot who wants to achieve his or her rating in a few short days, not over the course of months. Instrument Rating (C-172) Yes: 10: 31.5: . This is a full, 3-day, all-day, intensive training program, with your personal flight instructor, to ensure you pass the FAA written exam and must be scheduled in advance to ensure availability. Call PIC now, 1-800-435-9437 (1-800-I-FLY-IFR) or use the Contact Us page. All of your days will be devoted to either flying, ground lessons with your instructor, or studying. I came to Joe as a private pilot who was both frustrated with these facts of flight training and daunted by the idea of getting my instrument rating. GATTS Aircraft. Streamline Aviation instructors distinguish themselves as professionals who are knowledgeable, personable, & passionate. Commercial - $395. We are straight forward and honest with you about the costs of training. Birth Certificate or Current Passport showing proof of US citizenship. In many cases we find that the course can take fewer days to complete, with a savings to you. Flying and navigating in Alaska can be challenging! 306 for more information! Get Your Instrument Rating in 14 days, or finish-up your partially complete instrument training in 7 or 10 days. Youll have the confidence of knowing that you have had the best training possible. I have flown the big jets from time to time but my heart is in the small singles where I do all of my training. According to the FAA, sport pilots are not required to meet the 1500 hour requirement . Train with us in Georgetown, Texas (KGTU), just north of Austin, Texas. Offer accelerated instruction to each student who meets any of the state "at risk" criteria in order for the student to perform satisfactorily on the state assessment. Staff is fantastically friendly. If you have been putting this off or dragging it out give these guys a call. Accelerated training at Sporty's allows you to leave life's distractions behind for a short amount of time so that you may dedicate your resources to completing your training goals. You guessed it weve got that too. I utilize a proprietary blend of both flight and ground school lessons that optimizes your training time and maximizes your your learning potential. Minimum of 25 hours of Cross Country Pilot in Command logged, (an additional 25 hours is obtained during training) total 50 hours at time of check ride. Youll be surprised how convenient and economical PIC training can be. We are committed to providing quality and thorough training using FAA Certificated and dedicated instructors as well as top industry syllabus and course materials. finish-up. We offer a variety of services which include: VIP ACCELERATED Flight Training, Private Pilot Training, Commercial Pilot Training, Multi-engine Rating, Instrument Rating, Certified Flight Instructor, Flight Instructor Instrument,Discovery Flights, and more. Cant say enough good things about IFR Flight Training School and the people involved. Billy is a great pilot and really made the discovery flight a blast. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs and schedules of most students, even through our continued growth as a school. Some of our graduates began their training somewhere else and have put in some serious training time, but just couldnt seem to get the rating completed. Enhance your flight training with our library of engaging online courses and videos that can be accessed on your schedule. 1990-2015 AFIT Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training is the leading provider of Accelerated Flight Training Programs and professional consulting services to the General Aviation Industry, aircraft manufacturers, private companies, law firms, corporations, Doctors, athletes and government agencies. Mountain Training in YOUR Aircraft His 10 Day Accelerated IFR Program peaked my interest because it cut out the need to compete with other studentshe worked exclusively with me for the duration of the program for 8+ hours a day . (Your Location or Ours), 5 days, We Come To You, Your Location or Ours, 2 - 5 days, We Come To You, Your Location or Ours, 1990-2023 A.F.I.T Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training, AFIT Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training. Need air conditioning or a glass cockpit? Our PIC instructors average 14 graduates yearly. Congratulations to Mr. Steven Malvey of Reno, NV - the world's newest instrument-rated pilot! Gain real confidence working the IFR system with airline style routes. Our pilot school has designed multiple programs to help you shorten the time it takes to become a pilot and earn multiple ratings. Texas Flight offers training for Private and Commercial pilot certificates as well as ratings for Instrument, Multi-Engine and Seaplane. 40 hrs of PlC cross-country time logged. 20803 Stuebner Airline #29Spring, Texas 77379. We know how to give you that extra "push" necessary to obtain your pilot's license or rating that other flight schools simply lack. Each student at IFR6 will come to appreciate this simulator and it's ability to provide unique and At IFR6, our Accelerated IFR course allows you to get your Instrument rating in six days, in your own airplane. I look forward to flying with you! He will patiently answer the thousands of questions student pilots often have, and KEEP YOU SAFE! Signup below and we will get in touch with you within 24 Hours. As part of your training you will receive one-on-one flight instruction, youll fly at least 25 approaches during the program, many with SIDs STARs and holding patterns. CALL NOW (702) 504-6376 Our Location 2642 Airport Dr. suite 101 North Las Vegas, NV Mon - Fri, 7am - 7pm Saturday, 7am - 7pm Sunday, 7am - 7pm Get directions Located across the country, PIC instructors are exceptionally well-qualified pilots and patient, experienced instructors. Any required endorsements are included (high performance or complex) at no additional charge. Each pilot client is interviewed prior to training to customize the course to his or her needs. Ask about our Armed Forces and NC Resident Discount. The maintenance shop at Texas Flight has you covered we maintain our own aircraft and can maintain yours as well. ELITE has had a presence in the flight simulation industry since 1987, witha wide variety of trainers that can be found around the world. Under Jamie's instruction I passed my written and checkride 1st time with flying colors!! Others require that you travel to their location. A well trained IFR pilot will rely on the procedures and techniques taught in instrument training to fly with confidence knowing that emergencies and unusual situations can be handled without compromising basic flying tasks or flight safety. When training at one of our locations there are no transportation costs for the instructor. Contact Us At: 218-879-6599 for Course Scheduling Instrument Rating Course Prerequisites: For pilots seeking an accelerated instrument rating IFR training course; come prepared with the following information. There are no tricks to this, the training is hard work, and requires your full attention and dedication to the work. Your airplane, your schedule, and your ticket. This assures that any gaps in your previous training will be covered. Maybe your instructors schedule conflicts with yours or his lack of experience is making the training inefficient. Client provides a place for our instructor to stay (client makes reservation at a clean and safe hotel they are familiar with) Client provides local ground transportation for our instructor, extra car in family or rental car. More Info. We specialize in private pilot training, instrument training, accelerated instrument rating, accelerated ground school (all subjects), non standardized cirrus flight training, Diamond flight training, multi engine flight training, Cessna flight training, Garmin 1000 glass cockpit transition training, high performance endorsement training, time building, commercial pilot training, airline transport pilot (atp) rating, certified flight instructor, multi engine instructor rating, biennial flight review, instrument proficiency check, ground training (various subjects), tailwheel endorsements, plane rental and many other licenses and ratings. Other costs involved are: (If instructor travels to your location) RT airfare for the instructor. Plane & PilotMagazineCFI on an adventure in learning to teach. ur ELITE SIM enables pilots to fly multiple types aircraft ranging from a CESSNA 172 to a KING AIR 200. 4. Van Nuys, California: Cessna 172, or Cessna 152 If additional training is needed to complete the course, it is done at no additional training cost (for an additional day). We have always taken a professional approach towards training while maintaining an informal atmosphere at our facility.

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