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    With [], 1. Despite the almost total absence of rain, the sky is often cloudy. The exclusive hotel is best known for its landscaped gardens which cover more than 34,000m2and three swimming pools all located on different floors of the hotel. of sunshine per day, rather better than UKs two. There are several windsurfing and kitesurfing schools in Fuerteventura. Kemerovo You can expect in June, the water temperature for Fuerteventura to be between 71F / 22C and 66F / 19C. Kursk, Nalchik While not the windiest month (July and August are windier), you may want to find beaches that have some protection to the north-east if the wind bothers you. The south trade wind from the Sahara brings a warm dry wind to the country in July. The climate is quite comfortable in this city in this month. The month with the least sunshine days is February (19.3 days). And fans of speed and cars will be pleased with the Catalan Grand Prix 2016 scheduled for the middle of the month. The highest temperature ever recorded in Fuerteventura in June (at Airport station) was 41.6C and the lowest was 13C. 1 day with some rainfall. In Fuerteventura, the daily mean temperature is 22.5C (72.5F) in June, which is calculated as a mean between the average high temperature of 25.8C (78.4F) and the average low of 19.1C (66.4F). There can be differences in terms of wind and cloudiness, so this means that if its cloudy where you are, somewhere else around the island it might be sunny and nice. June weather in Fuerteventura Spain in more detail, - What will the temperature be in Fuerteventura in June. To compare the water temperature we will use the maximum water temperature. What is the legal requirement? Fuerteventura Average high temperature: 25.8C (78.4F) Average low temperature: 19.1C (66.4F) Daily mean: 22.5C (72.5F) As you can see, the temperatures are very similar between the islands. You can expect around 1 rainy days, with on average 0 inches / 1 mm of rain during the month.Another way of looking at the rain is the number of sunny days. Sahara, meaning that the island is washed with an agreeable dry, It depends on day length and cloudiness during the day. At night time the temperature falls to low Rainfall 70 mm. amount of annual temperature variation. You will not see this in any other country in the world. Is June the most sunniest month in Fuerteventura Spain? This beach forms a 27km-stretch of sand which starts at Playa Blanca and ends at Morro Jable on the island's southern tip. Fuerteventura Weather in June - Your Complete Holiday Guide A typical beach day in June in Fuerteventura. On the beach you can take sun loungers with umbrellas, or you can just lie on the sand. Events in Fuerteventura include the Fuerteventura Music Festival that is held in June, attracting participants and spectators from far and wide. Spanish-made brut costs from two euros here. As there is not a lot of humidity, it will feel comfortable. Water near the coast will warm up to 24 degrees Celsius in some places, and in small creeks and lagoons in the south of the country and islands, the water temperature can be +26 degrees Celsius. August has the highest humidity, with a Wintersun Expert comfort level of "comfortable" (not very humid). Theaverage sea temperaturefor the waters around the island in June is 21C. When looking at the whole year, July is the dryest month, with an average rainfall of around 0 inches / 0 mmmm. On the 24th of June, Spain celebrates the Fiesta of San Juan de Bautista, so the night before is the night when you can see lots of bonfires burning in different parts around the island. It will have dry air, and will feel very comfortable. Don't miss: Best Things To Do in Fuerteventura. theSaharaand eventually reaches the island. At the airport, there is usually only one overcast day during the entire month of June. the same temperature that the Mediterranean around Mallorca gets A list of places to visit during your stay on Fuerteventura. 2010-2023 World Weather & Climate InformationAll rights reserved. A beach in Fuerteventura among the 10 Best Beaches in Europe 2023 according to Tripadvisor users, Maspalomas Carnival 2023 - Dates & Events, Gran Tarajal Carnival 2023 - Dates & Events - Fuerteventura, No more mandatory masks in public transport in Spain from February 8th, Spain lifts all entry requirements for non-EU visitors. The wind can be annoying sometimes, but as long as you are close to the coast it wont bother you too much. This is especially so during the mornings, with the clouds often evaporating or burning off by lunchtime. of wet, windy weather. #. When comparing the water temperature from June with the month before and after, June has a water temperature almost equal to May, with a water temperature of an average of between 69F / 21C and 71F / 22C. While it is not summer at its max, the temperatures are high enough for a pleasant beach holiday just as the summer is starting to kick off in other places around Europe. Syktyvkar. Join groups and follow prices, promotions and last minute tours: We spent two weeks on the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary archipelago in June 2017. Almaty Summer is the season to experience Fuerteventura's wonderful beaches and coastline to the max. Does the six drinks rule apply to Tenerife or the Canary Islands in general? 2. The month with the longest days is June (Average daylight: 13h and 55min). Kaluga The nights are slightly cooler but warmer than in June. Again, Fuerteventuras The month with the least sunshine is December (Average sunshine: 7h and 54min). the summer and winter months, but the island very rarely The probability of rainy days is low, in the southern resorts of the country no more than two days a month. Cool off from the June heat during your holiday in Fuerteventura by popping intoEl Gusto. May through until August Sorry, we dont have any suitable tours to display. Is June a good time to go to Fuerteventura Spain? See more current weather Select month: Summer in Spain begins, as elsewhere in Europe, in June. To inspire health and wellness, there's the Thai Zen spa, beauty salon and fitness room and for the kids there is a children's swimming pool, several kids' clubs, kids' entertainment, children's menus and playground. August and September are the hottest months, with an average temperature of around 86F / 30C. 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Moscow In Fuerteventura, it does not rain all day in June. December is the month with the most rain days with an average of between 2 and 3 days. At the same time, few people will agree to help a stuck car, because everyone is afraid of getting bogged down in the sand in the same way. height of summer. It is the driest month of the year in Corralejo . Graph displays the average number of rainy or snowy days in Fuerteventura over the years. Weather data for Fuerteventura in june is derived from an average of the weather forecast since 2009 on the island of Fuerteventura. So you can pack your bags and check when is the best time to go to Fuerteventura. and agree to the processing of personal data. Average weather in Fuerteventura in June by year. Generally, you can expect in June an average temperature of 82F / 28C during the day and an average of 62F / 17C during the night. holiday destination. The weather conditions in Fuerteventura in June are generally perfect. Most of this will fall from October through Interested in the weather conditions in a specific month? So, having visited Spain with a tour in the first month of summer, you can not only have a great rest on the sea coast, but also get a beneficial effect from mass festive events. If you book a Star Prestige room, you'll be treated to an exclusive pool and sunbathing area, open bar, free WiFi access and free late checkout. Summer in Fuerteventura is much windier in than winter because thenortheasterly trade winds which blow over the whole of the Canaries are particularly strong between June and October. Extremely high temperatures arecaused by the trade winds asthey pass over the Sahara Desert, bringing thick dust and sand particles. The calmest month (with the lowest average wind speed) is October (17.9km/h). The weather is warm and sometimes hot in June in Fuerteventura, with an average high temperature in June in Fuerteventura is around 26C. Average day and night temperature in Fuerteventura in June data for the period from 2011 to 2012 years. Number of cloudy and clear days, atmospheric pressure and wind speed. When it comes to luxury all-inclusive hotels in Fuerteventura, it doesn't get much better thanIberostar Fuerteventura Palace. Have a look at other destinations in Fuerteventura, in Spain. It is Spain in June 2018 that will provide vacationers with magnificent spectacles of bullfights held there in various towns of the country. High Temperature 27 C 81 F. Spain is an island and mainland holiday with excellent service and friendly locals. The lower the Wintersun Expert Comfort level, the more comfortable it will be. They will give a good indication what you can expect, but the daily temperature and rain will fluctuate during the month. The sun is very strong at this time of year: remember that Fuerteventura is less than 100km off the coast of the Sahara Desert! The climate is quite nice in this location in the month of june. 1. The months with the lowest UV index are January, February, March, April and December (UV index 5). July is the month with the least amount of rain. Canary Islands. Nizhnekamsk average temperatureof 27C, this average can be Sochi But the energy of this place invariably attracts people here. However, there is still no scorching sun. I accept the user agreement Required fields are marked *, 2023 - Contact Us | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy, Fuerteventura Electrical Plugs and Sockets. Fuerteventura Airport receives a median of zero rainy days in June! The month with the highest atmospheric pressure is January (1022.1mbar). It's known primarily as a holiday destination due to its white-sand beaches and year-round warmth cooled by constant winds. It sits in the Atlantic, 108 km from the Very often the ocean is rough, so lifeguards actively watch the swimmers walking along the surf. Onsite facilities include toilets, showers, sun loungers, parasols, bars, restaurants, lifeguards and nearby parking. certainly a characteristic of the island. When comparing June with the month before and after, this is almost equal to May, which has a Wintersun Comfort level of "very comfortable" (low humidty). The best and safest conditions for beginners to learn how to windsurf in Fuerteventura are in the morning, when the water is flat and there is a gentle breeze this is why all beginner courses begin at 10am. (Weather station: Fuerteventura / Aeropuerto, Spain). The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Past Weather in Fuerteventura, Las Palmas, Spain Yesterday and Last 2 Weeks Time/General Weather Time Zone DST Changes Sun & Moon Weather Today Weather Hourly 14 Day Forecast Yesterday/Past Weather Climate (Averages) Currently: 72 F. June is when things start to get heated in Fuerteventura: its still not as hot as it will be in July or August, but for those who are satisfied with temperatures just shy of 30C during the daytime, June will prove to be a good month to visit. 15. Nizhnevartovsk June marks the beginning of the summer season inFuerteventura,Canary Islands. You will therefore be at the shelter from rain during your vacations!With a perfect weather, june is an advisable time to go in this locality in Canary Islands. The climate is good in this city in june. 14C is chilly, the sea around the UK rarely hits average The weather is gorgeous not too hot but still This water sports group offers beginner windsurfing courses for travellers aged eight and over and take place in a small sheltered bay a ten minute drive away from Costa Calma. The remaining days will be cloudy. than its neighbouring islands. Syktyvkar, Kazan Highest and Lowest May Temperatures In Fuerteventura. It's just a short crossing away from Corralejo and you can enjoy the island on foot. It makes june the most dry month of the year. This four-star hotel is set on the 25km beach atJandiain the south of the island and is set around a huge pool area with a poolside bar and sun loungers which face the sea. 20 Best things to do in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote (2022 Guide), 16 Best Things To Do in Costa Adeje 2023 - Top Attractions, 15 Best Things To Do in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, 10 Best Things To Do in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, 12 BEST Things To Do in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, 8 Best Things To Do in Playa de las Americas - Tenerife, 15 BEST Things To Do in Morro Jable - South of Fuerteventura, 17 Best Things To Do in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, 22 Best things to do in Tenerife & Best places to visit (2022 Guide), 30 Things to do in Lanzarote - Best places to visit (2023 Guide), 15 Best Things To Do in Fuerteventura - Attractions & Places to Visit, 15 Things To Do in Gran Canaria - Best Places to Visit and See, 10 Warmest Places in Europe in Winter - December, January & February, Winter sun in Spain: 10 warmest places to visit in Spain in winter, Warmest Canary Island in Winter - December, January & February. In Fuerteventura, the daily mean temperature is 22.5C (72.5F) in June, which is calculated as a mean between the average high temperature of 25.8C (78.4F) and the average low of 19.1C (66.4F). Perfect weather is subjective. is exceptionally low. There are normally 9 hours of bright sunshine each day in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura in June - that's 64% of daylight hours. December is the wettest month, with an average rainfall of around 0.3 inches / 8 mmmm. Total average number of days on our data is 0 days. The coldest month (with the lowest average low temperature) is February (16.3C). You can try as many flavours as you like before you settle on your favourite a great bonus! Fuerteventura in June - Temperatures measured in Corralejo Daytime Record HIGH Temperature in Fuerteventura in June: 28 C Daytime Record LOW Temperature in Fuerteventura in June: 23 C Nighttime Record HIGH Temperature in Fuerteventura in June: 30 C Nighttime Record LOW Temperature in Fuerteventura in June: 10.4 C June is a month with no precipitation in Fuerteventura; on average there are 0 days of precipitation and 0 mm rainfall throughout the month. [], December is a great time to escape to sunnier climates in order to avoid the harsh British winter that plagues the UK every year. Your application has been assigned no. The month with the most cloud cover is November (Cloud cover 30). Fuerteventura Weather In June - Your Complete Holiday Guide. northwest mainland African coast. This beautiful country is called an open-air museum. Novosibirsk There are four onsite dining options: Betancuria Restaurant which boasts show cooking, La Choza Bar located next to the swimming pool, Herbania Bar which serves soft drinks, tea, coffee, cocktails, spirits, wines and beers and Tarajal Disco Bar which is open until late. with maximum daytime temperatures around 26C (79F), minimum nighttime temperatures around 19C (67F) and almost none monthly rainfall. June is one of the driest months of the year and rains virtually desert the climatic landscape of Fuerteventura in June. It is also good to check the maximum and minimum temperatures. In the following graph, you can see how many cold and hot days you can expect in Fuerteventura each month: Generally, you can expect about 1 rain days in June, with on average 0 inches / 1 mm of rain. Volgograd enjoyably mild, makingFuerteventuraa popular winter Komsomolsk-on-Amur The breeze does provide a welcome cooling Because of its location in the path of trade winds, the island is a If you want to go on walks and explorations on foot we recommend you do so early in the day, before the midday heat sets in. June is not the month with the most rainy days, and not the month with the most rain.To answer what the rainiest month is in Fuerteventura, we will both look at the month with the most rain, and the month with the highest number of rainy days.December is the month with the the highest number of rainiest days. As the Canary Islands sit in the vast Atlantic Ocean in the People burn things from their yards that they dont need anymore, as it is illegal to do so at other times of the year. On the coldest nights, the temperature usually drops to around 17.5 C (63.5 F). See more current weather Fuerteventura Extended Forecast with high and low temperatures Feb 27 - Mar 5 Lo:64 Fri, 3 Hi:72 11 Lo:60 Sat, 4 Hi:71 10 Lo:61 Sun, 5 Hi:71 10 Bullfights will take place in different cities: Valencia, Madrid, Avila, Terueli, Pamplona and others. 21 Water Temperature. June, the first month of the summer in Fuerteventura, is still a pleasant month, with temperature in the range of an average high of 22.4C (72.3F) and an average low of 19.5C (67.1F). Although this phenomenon is more common during the winter months, if it does happen in June, the temperatures can soar (high 30s Celsius). When comparing June with the number of cloudy days in the month before and after, it is almost equal to May, with an average of between 1 and 2 cloudy days. At the end of the month, the Extreme Festival will take place in Barcelona. How is the climate in Fuerteventura in june? If your location has air conditioning, the night temperature is less important.These are some examples. Fuerteventura continuously experiences less precipitation than any of the other Canariesbecauseis practically entirely flat. The months with the highest visibility are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December (10km). Krasnoyarsk That clearly shows that it is not raining all the time. The average wind speed value in June is 6.9 m./s. The city from the observation deck near the church. Average Temperature in Fuerteventura The warm season lasts for 3.6 months, from June 28 to October 16, with an average daily high temperature above 78F. I started this blog to also help other people that like to spend a big part of the fall, winter, and spring in a warmer climate. Across June, Fuerteventura enjoys an average of ten hours ofsunshineeach day. We invite you to have a look at the map below to discover more about the various weather conditions around Fuerteventura. And you dont have to constantly hide in the shade, although you can walk without a special sunblock through the cozy streets of Spanish cities. You can expect approximately 0 inches / 0 mm of rain. By midday, temperatures rise a few degrees Celsius, but values rarely exceed 25 C even in the hottest hours. It gets hot in July in Spain. However, due to its proximity to Lanzarote which lies 12 June is a good month for swimming in Fuerteventura with warm sea temperatures. time of year with an average of 287 hours of sunshine in Corralejo during the entire month. The months with the highest UV index are May, June, July, August, September, October and November (UV index 6). Consider visiting Fuerteventura in the months of June, July, August, September, for the best beach weather. Resting in June in this wonderful country, on June 19 you can find yourself at the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. The flight from Yekaterinburg to the island takes a lot of time and effort to make you think carefully whether it is worth flying to such a distance: On the other hand, as soon as we left the airport on the island, all the hardships of the flight were instantly forgotten, we jumped into a rented car and drove to the hotel, enjoying the familiar landscapes and warm wind along the way, which was ready to blow the car off the track and swept the roadbed white sand. How warm is the sea around Fuerteventura in June? This weather condition is known locally as a 'calima' and results in very low visibility, a general discomfort for everyone. The multitude of beaches that wrap around it is interrupted by cliffs and sheltered coves. Up to 90 days of daily highs, lows, and precipitation chances. Fuerteventura Weather November Averages, Canary Islands. Average low temperature in June: 19.5C The month with the highest average low temperature is October (21.5C). Cornwall, sees an average high of 18C in August, the hottest See more current weather Weather June 2023 in Fuerteventura Spain: The forecast for June 2023 is based on historical data and are averages. enjoy the island lifestyle. And while in Granada, you can get to the International Music Festival, which takes place in the Alhambra Park and requires a certain observance of the dress code. Although since most of the European school holidays haven't yet begun at this time, the island is relatively quiet and free of tourists. We were driving to Morro del Jable, its an hours drive from the airport. June and July And are the months with the lowest number of cloudy days, with an average of between 0 and 1 cloudy days. March, where it is possible to experience an entire week However, the weather conditions may vary depending on your destination. The weather is really starting to warm up and you'll have almost guaranteed beach days throughout your entire holiday here. that the island sees plenty of sunshine year Saratov day. The beautiful sun often alternates with cloud coverings, but most of the time, the weather is . great destination for those wishing to revel in wind-powered with maximum daytime temperatures around 26C (79F), minimum nighttime temperatures around 19C (67F) and almost none monthly rainfall. baking and room to spread out on the beach. Precipitation total value in Fuerteventura in June is 1.9 mm. El Cotillo on the north western coast of the island is a particularly popular spot for the water sport due to the almost guaranteed windy conditions and strong waves. Spain is increasingly attracting the attention of tourists from all over the world. Fuerteventura Weather June Averages, Canary Islands Temperature 23 C 73 F High Temperature 26 C 79 F Low Temperature 19 C 66 F Day Temperature 22.5 C 73 F Night Temperature 21.5 C 71 F Sunshine Hours 10 hours Rainfall 0 mm Rainfall Days 0 days Sea Temperature 21 C 70 F June July August September October November December January

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