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    Final verdict: This is one of those weird laws that has no clear explanation. The national colours of Iceland are red, white and blue. The law only applies if they maimed the victim on purpose, according to the Rhode Island State Legislature. Who knows, but it was enough of an annoyance to pass a law about it. The laws lightened up over the years, with margarine sales remaining a criminal offense until 1967. It takes place each 8th of March. It is also apparently illegal in Massachusetts for a man and a woman who rent a room for the night to sleep in the nude. So it is somewhat ironic that Alaska passed a law banning people from getting drunk in bars. 1) No liquor served on Sundays before 12 noon! Many elements of Hawaiian culture were repressed, so understandably, native Hawaiians didnt want their coins stuck in peoples ears. Though most of these laws sound incredibly dumb now, once they've had, or still does have, a real pretense. Perhaps one of Canada's weirdest laws states that if you see the big guy in all of his hairiness in B.C., don't shoot! All of this seems to be very specificexcept, of course, that the legislation does not say what a suspicious manner looks like. 6. Steven Depolo/Flickr (Be honest: Have you ever caught a mouse without a hunting license?) The law came into effect in 2008, and many teenagers were outraged and protested. Talking in church is a serious offense, at least in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Read more about ridiculous laws on Top 10 Ridiculous Laws That Are Still Enforced Across The World and 10 Absurd Laws From Around the World. The second one constitutes a misdemeanor punishable by fines or jail time. Final verdict:Its tough to imagine fortune-tellers being taken so seriously that a law needs to be made about them. If you think only big gestures count, you are wrong my "To Travel is to Live" ~ Hans Christian Andersen Shady psychics probably wont bother jumping through all the hoops. We decided to undertake some legal legwork and identify the strangest statute still on the books in each state. The law specifies that a beer and wine store should be in the exclusive business of selling adult beverages and that any water or soda sold needs to be room temperature, according to Find Law. Final verdict: And it's illegal to honk in front of any sandwich shop, not just a Subway chain restaurant. . Swiss locals going about their daily lives objected to encountering walkers wearing nothing but a pair of walking boots and a smile. Apparently, farmers and landowners are being punished for this. Unbelievable Belgian laws. This law is weird, but its a very reasonable response to a very unreasonable, unethical practice. Why? Local officials decided that bouncy pickles were fresher than those that just flopped onto the ground when dropped, and so the law was born. In Britain it is illegal to operate a cow while intoxicated. Don't Cut the Cactus Jumping Cactus in Arizona Source At least in Arizona, because it is illegal to do so. How inhumane! The ban on porch couches is still active in 2021. Mercury in retrograde? Supposedly, its a threat to public safety. He has been a guest speaker on numerous national radio and television stations and is a five time published author. According to tradition, the Buddhist leader, who is in his eighties, will be reborn to help humanity.[7]. Breastfeeding in public is legal (as it should be). To translate, you cant have so much stuff in your car that it blocks your view. However, her spokesman suggested that the police concentrate on more serious crimes. Thank you very much for listening and as always please sit back, relax, enjoy and keep safe! This road sign is meant to remind drivers to be cautious about their speeds on an upcoming hill. 23. The chemicals in them can be toxic, causing nausea and irritation to the eyes and skin. Im out. 39. They have set up designated areas for people to play with water. It's a bear, it's a moose it's a Sasquatch! The only two states where divorce is illegal are the Philippines and The Vatican. Idiot eating live eels" (via golookup). Cannabis is legal in Canada. While it's nearly impossible to enforce this law, and no blood test or medical history is required to get a marriage license, this health code could have prevented marital bliss for more than 9,700 Nebraskans who reported cases of chlamydia or gonorrhea to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services in 2015. 1. 61. The Swiss government has imposed hefty fines on anyone caught walking au naturel. So, you wont get a ticket for having a heart attack. This includes a selection of both past and current laws. Where this law exists: Gainesville, Georgia. You cannot eat in the street in Rome, kiss anyone inside a car, or walk your dog on anything other than a short leash. As we all know, one of the things you really need in a childrens character is prominent genitals. There, even whispering in church is considered a disturbance of worship and can result in an annoying fine. That's why you need to know about some of the weirdest laws that you might break completely by accident. The name Adolf, for example, has not been banned, though its rarely used.[4]. 1820 which declared rape and other forms of sexual violence a war crime, a crime against humanity, and a constitutive act with respect to genocide, arising from the conflict in the Balkans, in which violating women became a conspicuous weapon in the war. Final verdict: Don't go to Yamhill to get your fortune told. No Public Feather Dusting. Presumably, the governor thinks its silly and should be stopped. In Samoa it is illegal to forget your wifes birthday. That is enforcement that protects the lives of people unless someone wants to be the meal of a hungry polar bear. The reason? Other than that, it is illegal to frown around public places, or you will be arrested and fined. Quit getting divorced. Similarly, bars can be fined for allowing bingo. According to the Michigan State Legislature, breaking this law is punishable by a maximum sentence of four years in prison and possibly a $5,000 fine. 1. Among native New Hampshire mammals are the white-tailed deer, muskrat, beaver, porcupine, and snowshoe hare. It was enacted in the 1970s to essentially label horses as vehicles. People used to set up bear-wrestling rings. 48. While this law appears to be a direct assault on the First Amendment, it's thought to have been conceived in order to protect the public. Final verdict:Don't worry, your workplace costume party is probably fine. Can You Believe These Weird Laws? In 2007, the Chinese government banned Buddhists from reincarnating without prior written authorization in an important move to institutionalize management of reincarnation., However, the law would allow the Chinese a say in the next reincarnation of the most important Living Buddha when the current Dalai Lama dies. near and around Sacramento; NO smoking outside or on the street! The list goes on. Florida outlawed tossing little people in 1989 after the bar activity caught on in southern parts of the state. Today it is a heritage site, photo credit. Luckily, after youre finally over your ex, its perfectly legal to marry someone else. This health code likely made its way into the books to protect competitors at the Calaveras County Fair and Frog Jumping Jubilee, a decades-old tradition in the gold-mining town of Angels Camp. In Skamania County, they were worried enough to pass a law stating that the "slaying of Bigfoot to be a felony and punishable by five years in prison.". It is a sight which enchants and provides peace to both the body and mind, rejuvenating an individual. A $110 license is required for teenagers to mow lawns. Most of the animals that are sought here are some popular yet endangered species. By Kate Bratskeir Jan 22, 2016, 01:51 PM EST | Updated Sep 5, 2017 If you allow your donkey to sleep in a bathtub, you're an ass. FLAG OF GREENLAND They are also required to attend to their parents spiritual needs. It's unlikely to ever be enforced, however, unless your whispering is really, really annoying. Most public pools have vending machines that sell microscopic swimwear in any color you want.[5]. We start our weird laws in Nevada list with a kiss. 51. In Victoria, Australia, it is illegal to change a light bulb unless youre a licensed electrician. Anyone who hunts, catches, takes, kills, injures, or pursues a wild animal or bird with a ferret will face a fine of no less than $100 (but no more than $500) and up to 100 days in jail, according to West Virginia State Legislature. Specifically, they dont want kids to be teased because of their names. Final verdict: If youre trying to surprise your friend with a pizza, do it with caution. In Florida it is illegal for a divorced or a widowed woman to skydive on a Sunday afternoon. It is the ideal time for tourists to travel during this month as they do not have to risk being affected by temperatures below freezing point. The reason for this law comes down to respect for cultural traditions. :) We've all heard urban legends and rumors about absurd laws in America, but you can't believe everything you read on the internet. There are so many things wrong with this, but Mississippi lawmakers viewed it as an issue of morality. Yes, it's illegal for a drunk person to enter a bar in Alaska. In China, it is a law that a person must be intelligent to go to college. 1. In South Berwick, Maine, the parking lot was perpetually jam-packed. When Hawaii joined the United States in 1900, it still had its own coinage. On a great big beach. Final verdict: In most of Montana, keeping a pet rat is completely fine. 16 Things You Should Know If Your Significant Other Has CrohnsDisease, 21 Men And Women Share What Its Actually Like To Live Under ShariaLaw, Heres The Most Notorious Murder From EveryState, Here Is The Most Haunted Location In EveryState, 50 Of The Goofiest, Wackiest, And Absolutely Nuttiest Sex Laws From Around The World(NSFW), From Ancient Theater To Modern Drag: 100+ Stunning Historical Images That Document The Timeline Of LGBTHistory. In Tennessee it is legal to carry a loaded firearm into a bar. Locals are also encouraged to take a firearm with themselves, particularly if they move away from the settlement. In Russia, Vladimir Putin just recently made it illegal to tell kids that gay people exist. The ancient culture along with the stunning and varied wildlife is the factor that promotes tourism for this place. So, what happens if you have the wrong sort of swimwear? 45. A national version of theDry Pea and Lentil Councilalso exists. "Renovated butter" must also be labeled as such, according to Iowa State Legislature. Top 10 Crazy Laws in Nevada and Las Vegas. In Canada, any comic book that portrays illegal activity is banned. We're not sure why this law was passed, but it has stuck around and become a town tradition. Though the subject has been reviewed in the French parliament several times since then, the law has not been repealed and is still strictly enforced. Under it, no landlord could demand money owed by their tenants for a drink! 2. Final verdict: No, someone didn't get a coin stuck in their ear. Final verdict: At first read, this weird law seems like it should come with a hilarious reason. Whatever you say, Washington. Arkansas. While comic books have traditionally been considered for children, it is a known fact that they are aimed towards adolescents as well. 2. We're not sure why this law was ever necessary. We also thought to remind you ofWhittier, Alaska a town where almost all its citizens live under one roof, Tags: Longyearbyen, Norway, remote cities, this city knows, weird laws. How about laws in retrograde. The barmaid, who supposedly had been forced to work underground after her arrest, was also observed crushing a beer can with her buttocks and hanging spoons from her nipples. Obviously, eating it with your hands is the right way. In Saudi Arabia, there is no minimum age for marriage. Except strangely, you dont see people as equally outraged about this as they are about gay sex. Quit getting married. Singing or playing only part of the national anthem or remixing it as dance music is punishable by a fine of not more than $100, according to Massachusetts State Legislature. Sadly, its not. For some reason, she elected not to appear in court in person. Final verdict: Nevada takes itself a little too seriously sometimes. In Vermont, a wife needs the husbands permission to wear false teeth. In 2002, the vice governor of Phnom Penh said, We will not allow people to use [water pistols] because our nation is now peaceful, and if we let people play with them, it will look bad., The Cambodian authorities are not complete killjoys, however. We wish this one had a more interesting backstory, but the full law actually makes sense: No person shall drive a vehicle when it is loaded or when there are in the front seat such a number of persons as to obstruct the view of the driver to the front or sides of the vehicle or as to interfere with the drivers control over the driving mechanism of the vehicle.. The Worldwide Championship of Ice Golf is held in the month of March in a popular city of Greenland namely, Uummannaq. 17. Initially enacted to stop servants from stealing their master's money to pay off their debts in the pub, it soon became a free pass to extensive boozing. Imago, Weird Laws. In Colorado it is illegal to collect rainwater. If you do, youre at risk of paying $350 fine. Stupid Laws reports that this stone throwing prohibition is listed in Section 15-53 of the Cumberland penal code. Why couldnt they have just forbidden bonfires? FALSE! Though this New Hampshire law might seem strange, marine plants and algae are routinely used to make fertilizer and animal feed, which gives it value. Sites which rarely link to states' current statutes or may misinterpret them only perpetuate the myths. This is a photo of Mine 2b where work was ongoing from 1938 until 1969. 27. It has become a tradition to use water pistols during New Years celebrations. In public swimming pools in France, men are only allowed to wear extremely tight-fitting swimming trunks in the swimming pool. Greenland, the world's largest island, is about 80% ice-capped. Even though the country doesnt have a large obesity problem, Japan decided to take a proactive approach to the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight. Final verdict: This weird law sounds like something made up by a fed-up best friend. No "Bat Signals" (or any other beacon) allowed in the sky. Sadly, thanks to the Licensing Act 1872, it's also illegal and could land you a 200 fine and almost a year in jail. 50. Right now, its illegal for them to vote too. And, yes, two men were fined for having woefully floppy pickles. Here are 13 weird laws in Ohio that we are willing to bet you didn't know about. Marriage. Water pistols are usually seen as harmless funjust childrens toys for sunny days. Only male dogs and cats can be neutered. At Far & Wide, we try to be law-abiding citizens. Its considered harassment, as it should be. Few peculiarities are associated with this urban area, such as the fact that almost for a third of the year round, there isnt any sun around, because of the geographical position of the islands. 38. Greenland is called Greenland because that's what famous viking Erik the Red decided to call it when he started the first European settlement there in 982 AD. A device called ashoe-fitting fluoroscope, also known as a pedoscope or foot-o-scope, could expose the patient to radiation. 51. However, not in Colorado without a permit. State law maintains that "no person shall move uphill on any passenger tramway or use any ski slope or trail while such person's ability to do so is impaired by the consumption of alcohol or by the use of any illicit controlled substance or other drug.". Three town residents must attest in writing that the animal is loose, and its owner must fail to reclaim or confine the beast after notice is given, according to Missouri State Legislature. What kind of nut eats fried chicken with a knife and fork? Only about one in every 30,000 deer is born albino. 34. You'd better take it as a fun read instead of a history lesson! The ruling has been challenged by nature lovers, but the Swiss high court agreed that the government had the right to uphold public decency.. German travel websites had been advertising a special experience of nature, free and healthy., Not that free. In Oklahoma,"every person guilty of secretly loitering about any building, with intent to overhear discourse therein, and to repeat or publish the same to vex, annoy, or injure others, is guilty of a misdemeanor.". Body studios are illegal. Below is a collection of eight strange laws from the state of Maryland. And yes, it is as vague and arbitrary as it sounds. This North Carolina law was actually written to get rid of the persistent Ku Klux Klan activity in the area. However, according to the Sexual Offences Act, it was a crime for teens to engage in this behaviour. In Utah, a husband is responsible for his wifes actions as long as he is with her at the time of her actions.. "Such a conspiracy constitutes a clear and present danger to the government of the United States and of this state," the statute continues. Where this law exists: San Francisco, California. The first coal-fired power plant of Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Ordinarily, naked hiking might not be at the top of the political agenda, but a sudden influx of naked hikers from Germany brought the issue to the fore. In 1839, lawmakers made it illegal to beat any carpet, rug, or mat on the streets of London; the law technically endures, though beating doormats is fine, as . [9], You can understand why they might find it disconcerting or even thoroughly disturbing and irritating as one Swiss official put it. It's illegal to hang the laundry on Sunday. Views: 4043 4. Smile Or Spend Time In Jail. The law has obviously been partly overturned as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and encouragement from health and legislative officials to wear masks and face coverings in public. "Dumb Laws" Across the United States It Is Prohibited To Harass Big Foot (Washington) In the US state of Washington, it is a crime punishable by either a fine or a jail term to harass big foot, Sasquatch, or any other undiscovered species. It does that, but it also means that no Tennessee resident can share their password with anyone outside of their household. The Hvalsey Church, a Norse ruin now is the first church for Christians built on the continent of North America. While these laws are bizarre, they are still enforceable. 56. So, the government has instituted a policy of allowing only approved names to be entered on German birth certificates. Also illegal in England is flying a kite to the annoyance of locals, getting drunk in a pub, ringing a doorbell without lawful excuse, or keeping pigs outside your house. According to the 1986 Salmon Act, Section 32, if he handles a salmon in a suspicious manner, he will be subject to prosecution and a fine of up to 800. The rule states that no yelling, shouting, whistling or singing is allowed at any time. Unfortunately, people are terrible. When you're driving in Bolivia and other countries in South . In Dubai, extramarital sex is against the law and could result in jail sentences for over a year. He said, If the police are fair dinkum about protecting people in pubs and clubs, why dont they target the real issues instead?. 2. In Montana, proxy weddings are allowed for those serving in the military, which means a friend can pretend to be the groom or the bride and the union will still be considered valid. According to Alaska State Legislature, the statute says an intoxicated person may not "knowingly" enter or camp out where alcohol is sold. Greenland is one of the best locations in the world to view the dancing Northern lights. Definitely one of the weirdest Australian laws. In Norway, there is a law that protects all female dogs and cats from being spayed. Section 365 of the Criminal Code provided that " [e]very one who fraudulently pretends to exercise or to use any kind of witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration is guilty of an offense punishable on summary conviction." How many sleazy seaweed peddlers have you met? If you own more than two in your house, you can be subject to criminal possession. Let's begin with one of the most frequently cited state laws, which reportedly requires that "all apple pie in Wisconsin must be served with a slice of cheese on it.". The poor bears were also subjected to inhumane practices, like removing their claws and teeth, to prevent them from killing their human opponents. This allowance does not apply in high-stakes Beano, which, apparently, is also a thing. 46. Some evidence suggests that trial by combatmight technically be legal on a federal level even today. In some states, it's legal to perform activities that create changes in the composition or behavior of the atmosphere. Vikings reached the island in the 10th century from Iceland; Danish colonization began in the 18th century, and Greenland became an integral part of the Danish Realm in 1953. In Turin, Italy, dog owners must take their dogs on a walk at least three times a day. According to the Wisconsin State Legislature, non-tasty cheese is technically punishable by law. 59. 11. Wed wager that most of the students have plenty of non-educational sipping experience already. In Britain it is illegal to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances. Invite a leprechaun to dinner - one of the top weird laws in Ireland. The Crazy Facts is the home to the most messed up, craziest, most unbelievable facts you'll ever see! Final verdict: Where else would he sleep? You cant even have a beer in the same room as a bingo game, even if youre not playing. University Centre in Svalbard, part of the University of the Arctic, photo credit. 41. 18. 19. They dont like that in Australia. 16. Final verdict:Finally, annoying little sisters who listen in will get what's coming to them! 1. According to the 1986 Salmon Act, Section 32, if he handles a salmon in a "suspicious manner," he will be subject to prosecution and a fine of up to 800. People called out the law as hypocritical and unfair since there was no such ruling against similar pets like hamsters and guinea pigs. Many of them were Civil War veterans or immigrants who had lost limbs or suffered severe burns, and they were left penniless on the street. To make it onto the approved list, a name must not leave the child open to ridicule or abuse. Its basically a cow with toothpicks for legs. 7. The fine can be up to $50,000. You might find you're guilty of one or two violations. In Honolulu, Hawaii it is illegal to sing loudly after sunset. However, according to the North Carolina State Legislature, non-profit groups can go wild. 42. In Victoria, B.C., it's illegal for a bagpiper to play at the same time as another street performer. Strange But (Unfortunately) Untrue: Apple Pie Must Be Served With a Slice of Cheese. It states: Use or wearing a body vest while engaged in the commission of, or an attempt to commit, or flight after committing or attempting to commit a crime of the first degree is a crime of the second degree. The law is still upheld today. Why not outlaw idiotic drivers, while youre at it, New Mexico? 47. No large wild populations of sick snakes, lizards, or turtles ever came to be, so perhaps the ban is working (or was never needed in the first place). 50 dumb laws in America.

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